MS Paintbrush Captioning Tutorial
Paintbrush is a simple way to edit all kinds of image files, including the JPEGs popular in captioning. However, that simplicity comes at a price. The quality of the finished product tends to be anywhere from great to horrible. I would recommend using GIMP or Photoshop if you plan to turn this into a serious hobby. Microsoft Paintbrush is found on every pc with windows installed on it. With that being said....

1) Start by opening the picture you want to caption.

2) In order to add text, you'll need to increase the size of the image. Go to Image-->Attributes. This will open a window where you can adjust the width and height.

3) We're going to add text to the side of the image so we're going to increase the width. Here we increased it to 800.

4) When we do, a large white section will appear to the right of the image. This is where we'll add the text. To change the background easily, left click the color from the below color palette and select the paint can icon.
Notice that to the left of the color palette there are 2 color squares.

These correspond to right and left clicking different colors.

To change the color of the upper square, left click. To change the lower one, right click.

Take note of how the lower one changed colors from white to dark red between the third and forth pictures when we made out color selection.

5) To add text, you'll want to change the color of the font first. Right click the white box on the below color palette. You'll notice that the upper color square turns white.

6) Next, select the 'A' on the toolbar for the text tool. Drag your mouse diagonally over the area you want your text, then release.

7) When typing, a window with the text properties appears, here you change anything you want regarding the font. When you finished, click on the 'A' icon to turn off the active text area.

8) If you're satisfied, go to the 'File' menu and select 'Save As'.

  9) Now you're all set to upload your
  new cap for everyone to enjoy!

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